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Name Philadelphia

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Image of 1976.003 - Knife

1976.003 - Knife

Small souvenir penknife from the 1876 Centennial Celebration in Philadelphia: The body of the knife is tin and has different designs on each side. On one side: banner with "Souvenir of Philadelphia." On reverse: an image of the Liberty Bell with text " 1776", "The Liberty Bell" and "Independence Hall". The knife contains a folding blade and small file and there is a ring for attaching to a chain at the end opposite the blade.

Image of 1982.004.001 - Figurine, Bird

1982.004.001 - Figurine, Bird

Figurine of a Blue Hen Chicken that has a turquoise glaze with patches of dark reddish-brown glaze. It was produced to commemorate the Centennial celebration in 1876

Image of 1984.010.026 - Portrait

1984.010.026 - Portrait

Framed, oil on wood panel self-portrait of the artist Bass Otis (1784-1861). The portrait depicts a half-length, three-quarters view of a young man with brown eyes and hair that is arranged in a dapper, swept up hairstyle with sideburns. He is seated in a chair with red upholstery and painted or inlaid decoration on the side. He is dressed in a black overcoat with a white shirt and cravat. In his right hand, he holds an envelope addressed to "Mr. O[tis] / Philadelphia" (Otis's name is covered by his finger). Bass Otis worked mainly in Philadelphia but also resided in Wilmington, DE from 1838-40. He painted this self-portrait in 1812, the year he moved from New York City to Philadelphia and wa

Image of 1986.008 - Table, Pier

1986.008 - Table, Pier

Philadelphia pier table with removable gray and white marble shelf top that is supported by two front columns with ormolu bases and capitals and two engaged columns, between which is mirror, at the rear. The columns rise from a lower shelf and are supported by monopodia feet in front and turned, bullet-shaped feet at rear. There is a label on the back (ca. 1940) from Nicolaides' Washington Art Galleries.

Image of 1986.009 - Table

1986.009 - Table

Sewing table with an oval shape on four slender, reeded legs. It has a hinged lid that opens to two deep pockets on the side and a shallow eight-part tray in the center. Below the tray is a narrow drawer above a deeper drawer flanked by reeded pilasters. The drawer pulls are brass and from the period but not original.

Image of 1987.006 - Map

1987.006 - Map

Framed black and white map: "Seat of War in the Environs of Philadelphia". The map shows the countryside for 50-100 miles around Philadelphia, including New Jersey and the Delmarva peninsula, and includes the towns and geographic features in the vicinity. It was originally published by the "London Magazine" in 1777.

Image of 1991.053.005 - Lithograph

1991.053.005 - Lithograph

Framed chromolithograph on tin of the passenger steamer "Lord Baltimore." The print shows a starboard side view of a paddlewheel steamer with two central smokestacks that is full of people. This ship was part of the Erickson Line that sailed between Philadelphia and Baltimore via the canal.

Image of 1993.054.004 - Inkwell

1993.054.004 - Inkwell

Clear glass souvenir inkwell that is shaped like the Memorial Hall building erected in Fairmount Park for the 1876 Centennial Exposition. The inkwell has a low rectangular shape with four corner towers and a central dome that can be lifted off completely and forms the lid of the inkwell.

Image of 1994.006.089 - Box, Hat

1994.006.089 - Box, Hat

Round pink cardboard hatbox that is printed with a black repeating image of a gloved hand holding a lace parasol. The box has a black twisted silk cord handle. The inside of the lid is printed with the store name: The Blum Store on Chestnut Street, at 13th, in Philadelphia. There is also an attached tag inside for Mrs. H.W. Lynch, Chadds Ford, PA.

Image of 1996.015.012 - Print

1996.015.012 - Print

Framed, limited edition print of the steamship "State of Delaware" that was part of the Wilson Excursion Line that ran between Wilmington and Philadelphia. This print is from an original watercolor created by C. Phillip Wikoff to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Modern Press, Inc. in 1987. It depicts two ferry boats sailing on the water toward a spit of land in the distance on the right. There are seven gulls in flight around the nearer ferryboat. This print is number 272 in a series of 650. There is a framer's sticker on the back for Ursula Hobson of 1602 Pine Street, Philadelphia. There is also a small information panel about the print affixed to the back.

Image of 1996.015.014 - Photograph

1996.015.014 - Photograph

Framed black & white photograph of the Delaware Bay river and pilot boat "Philadelphia." The photo depicts a starboard side view of a two-masted ship with a single central smokestack at sea. There is a framer's sticker on the back for Ursula Hobson, 1602 Pine Street, Philadelphia.

Image of 1999.010 - Picture, Needlework

1999.010 - Picture, Needlework

Large, framed needlework picture made for display at the 1876 Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia by Sarah E. Anthony of Smyrna, DE. This design received a "Medal for Originality in Design" and a "Diploma for Excellence in Workmanship." The piece is divided into two sections. The upper section has a black velvet background with a central 16 1/2" x 7 3/4" embroidered panel depicting a three-masted ship at sea. There is white text embroidered above this image: "Welcome / To Our Shores, / All Nations." Flanking this text are the flags of Brazil (left) and Italy (right). Beneath these flags are crossed flags with text "Africa. America" (left) and "Europe. Asia" (right). There are also single le

Image of 1999.021.008 - Coat

1999.021.008 - Coat

Raccoon fur coat with long sleeves, a large collar, and no pockets. The coat is double-breasted with six plastic front buttons (all present), three of which attach to corresponding elasticated loops. The coat has a black polyester or nylon lining. There is a 14" long x 4" wide fur belt at the back of the coat that does not extend to the front.

Image of 2000.036.004 - Lithograph

2000.036.004 - Lithograph

Framed lithograph of The New Castle Manufacturing Company's Locomotive "Philadelphia." The lithograph depicts a black and white side rendering of a 4-4-0 locomotive with a cow catcher and angled piston and tender on a section of track. There is text: "Philadelphia 1852 N.C.M. Co" on the wheel cover. The boiler dome projects slightly into the cab. There is descriptive information below the image: " J.E. Larkin, Del" (left); "T. Sinclair's Lith. 101 Chestnut St., Phila;" (right);"Newcastle Manufacturing Company. / Newcastle, Delaware. W.H. Dobb, Master-Machinist."

Image of 2001.006.001 - Pipe

2001.006.001 - Pipe

White clay pipe with a bowl in the shape of a caricatured male African American head. The pipe is unpainted except for black dots that form the pupils of the eyes and tan-painted lips. It is stamped "G. Zorn & Co." on one side of the stem and "24 Market ST. P." on the opposite side.

Image of 2012.010.003 - Sousaphone

2012.010.003 - Sousaphone

Silver-plated sousaphone with accompanying brown corduroy soft case. The instrument comes apart into three pieces (bell, center, and mouthpiece) and the bell is secured in place by three screws (one missing). One side of the bell is engraved with: "Weymann / Keystone State / Philadelphia / PA." Henry Weymann was in business in Philadelphia from 1864-1942 as a musical instrument retailer. The valves have mother-of-pearl finger pads and the second valve is stamped with "2585 28."

Image of N1987.021.001 - Box, Hat

N1987.021.001 - Box, Hat

Round red and silver cardboard hatbox that is printed with "John Wanamaker" in silver text on the lid. It has a white twisted silk cord handle. The edge of the lid and base are trimmed in silver. There is hand-written text on the lid: "Gift of Mrs. Herbert Hollingsworth."

Image of N1989.001.020 - Souvenir

N1989.001.020 - Souvenir

Tin souvenir model of the Liberty Bell that is encased in a tin box with glass on all four sides and a low fence around it at the base. The bell is painted with white text: "Proclaim / Liberty / to the / Earth." The structure is topped with four tin finials, an eagle with spread wings, and a hand-painted tin American flag. A wide assortment of different Liberty Bell-themed souvenirs were produced in celebration of the country's 100th birthday.

Image of N1989.049.004 - Doll

N1989.049.004 - Doll

Female doll with a stuffed cloth body and papier-mâché head with molded black hair and painted features with blue eyes. The original paper maker's label is affixed to the back of the shoulders: "Greiner's / Patent Heads, / no. 10. / Pat. March 30th '58." The outfit consist of a linen petticoat and pantalets, white short-sleeved dress trimmed at the hem and bodice with foral eyelet decoration, brown leather button boots, and tan cotton socks.

Image of N1989.049.113 - Doll

N1989.049.113 - Doll

Female doll with a stuffed cloth body, leather hands, and a papier-mache head with painted features and black molded hair. The eyes are blue. The outfit consists of dark blue leather boots with two steel ball buttons, white cotton undergarments, a gray wool dress with two bands of blue silk ribbon trim at the hem and sleeves, a navy blue wool cape with a scalloped edge and punched out eyelet decoration, and a black wool knitted hat with bands of multi-colored accents.