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Name Nineteenth Century

Associated Records

Image of 1927.006.001 - Sword

1927.006.001 - Sword

Model 1860 Staff and Field Officer's sword with a steel blade, the upper 14 1/2" of which is engraved on both sides with floral motifs. The hilt is brass and the grip is wood wrapped with twisted brass wire. The guard is cast with a high relief design of an eagle flanked by six flags (three on either side). The knuckle guard is brass with cast floral motifs. The pommel is brass and has a flared shape with an eagle and shield motif around the outside. The steel scabbard has two brass rings attached to brass collars that have a repeating floral design. The drag is brass with no applied decoration.

Image of 1927.009 - Painting

1927.009 - Painting

Framed painted panel from a hand engine entitled, "The Sea Green Lady / Water Witch of the Waves." The image is painted on a convex wood panel and presents a wind-blown lady in a long blue dress that is pushed back to reveal the lower half of her right leg. The subject is shown at an angle floating over the waves and has an open book in her right hand and a pink scarf at her shoulders. There is a ship in the left background. The painting is not signed by the artist but has an inscription on the back of the panel: "This Is one of the panels off of the gallery of the old hand engine of the Water Witch Fire Company No. 5 of Wilmington. It represents the Sea Green Lady (Witch of the Waves).

Image of 1927.011 - Portrait

1927.011 - Portrait

Framed, oil on canvas portrait of Daniel Webster (1782-1852): Half-length, three quarters view of an older man with receding hair facing right. The subject wears a dark suit with brass buttons, cream colored waistcoat, and white shirt

Image of 1927.067 - Fuze

1927.067 - Fuze

Archer's Safety Pin fuze that fits a Confederate 18 pound Mullane artillery shell. The fuze is made from brass and has a 1" long screw slot at the top. The threaded portion is 1 6/16" long with sixteen threads. The 5/8" high base has an iron pin instead of a threaded plug to contain the slider within the fuze body. There is still some cotton in the pin base area. There is a 1/8" diameter hole drilled through the body at 1 5/8" up from the base on one side.

Image of 1927.018.001 - Doll

1927.018.001 - Doll

Female doll with a stuffed cloth body and papier-mâché head and shoulders with molded black hair, black eyes, and painted features. The arms are missing. The outfit consists of a white cotton shift and petticoat, pinkish checked gingham skirt with a 2 1/2 inch wide floral border printed in black ink, discolored white cotton stockings, red leather shoes, and a long-sleeved basque top of white dotted swiss fabric with pagoda sleeves. The stockings have hand-written text in black ink: "J.N. Clark" (left leg) and "J.N. Clark / no 1" (right leg).

Image of 1927.018.002 - Doll

1927.018.002 - Doll

Female doll with a white glazed porcelain head, molded black hair, and painted features with blue eyes. The body is stuffed cotton with kid leather arms that have defined hands. The outfit consists of two white cotton petticoats and a short-sleeved white linen dress with a small pattern of squares in two shades of red. The doll has no shoes.

Image of 1927.027 - Portrait

1927.027 - Portrait

Small bust portrait of the Reverend Joseph Eastburn (1748-1828): The subject is an older man with longish, wispy white hair who is presented facing forward. He wears a black overcoat and white cravat. A label on the back of the portrait reads: " Rev. Joseph Eastburn / Stated preacher of the Mariner's / Church, Philadelphia. / Born August 11, 1748. / Died January 30, 1828. / Son of Robert and Agnes (Jo) / Eastburn of Germantown."

Image of 1927.034 - Doll

1927.034 - Doll

Female doll with a carved wooden head, stuffed cloth body with kid leather hands, painted features, and carved, black-painted hair that is parted in the center and gathered into a bun at the back of the head. The outfit consists of a white cotton shift and pantalets, a brown cotton floral print dress trimmed with lace on the bodice and sleeves, black mesh stockings, and black leather shoes with laces.

Image of 1927.050 a - Grapeshot

1927.050 a - Grapeshot

Spherical cast iron canister shot from a 12 pound Napoleon gun. The surface is pitted and there is a glued on "12" antique paper label.

Image of 1927.063 - Souvenir

1927.063 - Souvenir

Engraved souvenir12-pound Confederate "side-loader" spherical shell with a lead plug. This projectile was designed to have a copper fuze plug with a wooden fuze cut to a particular burn time (usually 3-8 seconds) that was inserted just before firing. It would have been filled with lead shot through the filled hole in the side. The item has been engraved with "Gettysburg / 1863." The item is a souvenir relic likely made by Gettysburg resident, Edward Woodward, a local gunsmith who opened a souvenir shop selling bullets, shells, and other battlefield relics to tourists during the late nineteenth century. He was known for his desk sets and engraved battlefield projectiles.

Image of 1927.079.001 - Dagger

1927.079.001 - Dagger

Small dagger with a sharply tapered, 4 3/4" long steel blade. It has a simple brass 2 1/8" long cross guard and wooden handle that has the loose remains of brass wire wrap that once went around it. The wooden handle is marked with thin grooves from where the wire once was. The pommel end has a 5/8" x 1/2" rectangular brass plate affixed with a single nail at the center.

Image of 1927.079.002 - Sword

1927.079.002 - Sword

Non-Commissioned Officer's sword with an undecorated steel blade that has a 22-22 1/4" long fuller on both sides of the blade. One side of the blade is stamped with "N. Starr" and on the reverse with "V.P.U.S." The sword has an undecorated steel guard, quillion, and knuckle guard and a smooth, unridged wooden grip.

Image of 1927.087 - Sword

1927.087 - Sword

Model 1852 Naval Officer's sword with a steel blade that has a 17" long fuller on both sides. Both sides of the blade are engraved with various marital symbols, including anchors, knotwork, crossed clusters of weapons, an eagle perched on a cannon, and a banner with "U.S.N." One side of the blade is stamped: "Clauberg / Solingen" around a full-length image of an armored knight. The hilt is brass and the guard is cast with an openwork design of oak leaves and acorns and a banner with "U.S.N." The quillion has a stylized dolphin motif. The pommel has a flat, oval-shaped end that is decorated with a central eagle and shield motif surrounded by twelve stars. The tan shagreen grip is wrapped wi

Image of 1927.088 - Dirk

1927.088 - Dirk

Naval dirk that has a steel blade that has traces of engraving that almost cannot be seen because the blade is so pitted and corroded (only a pair of crossed flags and some foliage motifs are dimly visible). The 2 1/2" long steel cross guard is very delicate and thin and the quillions curve in opposite directions. The bone grip is square and carved on one side with vertical lines and on the reverse with cross hatching and a cross design at the pommel end. It appears to be missing a pommel cap.

Image of 1927.098 - Portrait

1927.098 - Portrait

Framed, oil on masonite portrait of either Enoch Roberts or Robert Hamilton: Half-length, front facing portrait of a young man with a full face, dark brown hair, and brown eyes. The subject wears a black overcoat with a large collar and a white shirt with a thick white cravat. He has a key on a thin blue ribbon at his waist. He is portrayed against a brown empty background.

Image of 1927.102 - Painting

1927.102 - Painting

Unframed, oil on composition board marine landscape painting that depicts a coastal scene with a spit of land at the left side that has a lighthouse and fortified structure. There are four ships visible in the foreground: one group of three, three-masted ships and a steamer that is flying the American Stars and Stripes flag from the stern. The plumes of smoke from other steam ships are visible in the far background at the right. The expansive sky above the scene is blue with mauve clouds. There is an old red and white adhesive sticker on the back with text: "Chancellor & England, Ships of the U.S. Navy."

Image of 1933.016.002 - Bodice

1933.016.002 - Bodice

Hand-stitched, satin weave silk bodice with a vertical striped pattern that has ombre effects graduating from brown to beige in approximately three-inch repeating bands. The bodice is front closing with twelve hook and eye closures (all missing except for three hooks and two eyes) and there is a 1 1/2" flap that extends to cover the closures. There are also two hook and eye closures for securing it to a skirt (one eye missing). The bodice has two strips of boning and three pleats on each side at the front. The neckline is high, round, and untrimmed. The cap sleeves are short and trimmed with two horizontal bands consisting of three dark brown velvet stripes.

Image of 1927.110 - Flag

1927.110 - Flag

Small, hand-sewn, cream silk parade flag with two gold metallic tassels attached to the pole end and a 1" long metallic fringe trim at the end of the fly. The center of the field has an attached paper applique on one side with green and blue foliage motifs. The edges of the flag are trimmed with gold tape trim and the wooden stick is wrapped in cream silk.

Image of 1927.112 - Flag

1927.112 - Flag

Hand-stitched Confederate flag with a navy blue canton that contains ten hand-sewn, white cotton stars (each approximately 6 1/2" wide overall) that are arranged into a circle of eight with two inside. The field consists of two horizontal red stripes and a central white stripe that have been assembled from three groups of three 6" - 6 1/2" wide strips of cloth that have been sewn together to make the larger stripe. The canvas hoist has no eyelets but a length of hemp rope that runs through a sleeve (there is 23 1/2" of rope visible at the bottom). Hand-written text: "Col. J.W. Andrews" appears clearly in black ink at the center of the canvas hoist on one side. There is another small bit of

Image of 1933.016.001 - Cape

1933.016.001 - Cape

Hand-stitched ladies' cape made from peach and brown printed silk taffeta in an ombre vertical striped pattern. The lining is brown polished cotton and all the edges are trimmed with a 2" wide band of silk fringe that has a vertical striped pattern in white and purple/peach thread. It has six front hook and silk thread eye closures (all hooks but two now missing). It has a high, untrimmed neckline.