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Name Nineteenth Century

Associated Records

Image of 1872.006 - Engraving

1872.006 - Engraving

Framed, black & white engraving of William Penn: Bust view of a young man with a large nose, eyes, lips and shoulder length hair. The subject is looking to the right and wears a suit of armour and white cravat. Text on a plain background: " Aetis. 22. / 1666. / October 14; Paxquaertur / -Bello-". Facsimile signature: " Wm Penn" in lower margin. The artist's name is centered under image: S.A. Schoff. There is a framer's label on the back: "From / F. McMonagle / Dealer in and Manufacturer of / looking glasses, picture / and / Photograph frames / Odd Fellows Hall / Cor. Third and King, Wilmington, Del."

Image of 1872.009.001 - Engraving

1872.009.001 - Engraving

Framed bust portrait of Archibald Hamilton Rowan: Black and white engraving of a man facing right. The subject wears a white, full-collared shirt and high-collared dark suit coat. The subject is balding with bushy eyebrows and white hair. The frame is oak with a ring at the top center edge for hanging. The text printed beneath image reads: "Drawn from Nature on stone by J. Comerford, Dublin, 1822" (lower left) and "Printed by C. Hullmandel" (lower right).

Image of 1873.005 - Portrait

1873.005 - Portrait

Portrait of Judge Willard Hall (1780-1875), who served in the Delaware General Assembly, as U.S. Representative from Delaware, and as a judge for the United States District Court for the District of Delaware. The portrait depicts a three-quarters-view bust portrait of an elderly man with longish, white receding hair who is facing left. The subject wears a black suit with a white shirt and black bow tie. He is portrayed against a brown, empty background.

Image of 1964.019.002 - Vest

1964.019.002 - Vest

Hand-sewn linen man's informal vest that fastens at the front with three linen-covered buttons. The collar and front are silk crepe and have five thin tucks that go around the edge of them. There are two linen ties at the back. The bottom hem is unfinished.

Image of 1874.001 - Lithograph

1874.001 - Lithograph

Framed, hand-colored lithograph of the Wesleyan Female Collegiate Institute in Wilmington, DE. The lithograph depicts an angled view from the right of a four-storey brick building with a three-storey-high covered, wrap-around balcony on the back part. The grounds of the building are contained behind a wooden fence and there is a weeping willow tree planted in the yard at the front. Three female and four male figures stand on the brick pavement in front of the building and there is a horse-drawn carriage standing in the cobblestone street on the left. Four girls (two on the balcony and two on the ground) can be seen within the grounds of the school. The school was built on the east side of Fr

Image of 1874.003 - Painting

1874.003 - Painting

Painting of the barley mill building on the right bank of the Brandywine river at what is now the foot of Adams Street by Henry C. Price (1837-1912). The painting shows a winter landscape scene with a mill building at the left side and a river with a dam in the middle ground. There are skaters on the ice above the dam and trees in the background. The mill began life as a barley mill in 1728 but by 1780 was a calico printing and dying works and later a cotton and carding mill before it burned down in 1857. There is a hand-written label on the back of the stretcher with text: "Presented by L. P. Bush / Painted by Henry Price / (son of Joseph Price) / formally [sic] of Brandywine)."

Image of 1878.002.001 - Scrimshaw

1878.002.001 - Scrimshaw

Sperm whale tooth that has carving on both sides. One side is carved with a full-length image of a standing, bearded officer figure in a dress coat with epaulets, saber, and cap. The figure has his left hand on his hip and a partially raised and pointing right arm. The opposite side is carved with an image of a lion among a forest of very stylized trees. The sky above the lion contains two birds in flight and an angel or cupid figure with a bow and arrow.

Image of 1879.003.001 - Portrait

1879.003.001 - Portrait

Unframed, oil on wood panel portrait of Gunning Bedford, Jr. (1747-1812). The bust portrait depicts an older man with short white hair, a chubby face, and small mouth who is facing right. The sitter wears a black overcoat, grey waistcoat, and white shirt with a lacy jabot. The wood panel has a bevelled edge and is painted black on the back with white, hand-written text: "Gunning Bedford, Jr. / May 1879 W. McCaulley." There is also an old type-written label affixed to the back with adhesive tape: "May 19, 1879. / Gunning Bedford, Jr. / small colored picture. / From Mrs. S. McCaulley."

Image of 1879.003.002 - Portrait

1879.003.002 - Portrait

Unframed, oil on wood panel portrait of Jane Ballareau Parker Bedford (1746-1831), wife of Gunning Bedford, Jr. (1747-1812). The bust portrait depicts an older woman with long, extremely curly brown hair. The sitter wears a blue dress with a lacy white fichu and blue hat with a large white feather plume. The wood panel has a bevelled edge and is painted black on the back with white, hand-written text: "Jane Ballareau Parker / Bedford / Mrs. Gunning Bedford, Jr. / May 1879 - W. McCaulley."

Image of 1880.002 - Portrait

1880.002 - Portrait

Framed, oil on wood panel portrait of Wilmington lawyer, Archibald Hamilton (1782-1841). The portrait is a half-length, three-quarters view of a slightly plump, older man with curly red hair and sideburns who is facing right. He is seated in a chair and wears a heavy, double-breasted black coat with two rows of brass buttons down the front, a tan waistcoat, and a white shirt and cravat. The sitter served under Captain Caesar A. Rodney as First Lieutenant of the 2nd Company of Artillery in the War of 1812. He was also a member of a committee that sought unsuccessfully to bring a branch of the Bank of the United States to Wilmington and served as Commissioner for the Union National Bank o

Image of 1881.001 - Banner

1881.001 - Banner

White grosgrain silk Confederate patriotic banner said to have been captured at the Battle of Vicksburg (May - July 1863) during the Civil War. The banner is made from two strips of 3 1/2" wide ribbon that have been hand-sewn together. The top strip of ribbon is slightly shorter (40 3/4" long) than the one below it, which is 46 3/4" long. The top ribbon has two 7 1/4" long white linen ties at the upper corners. The lower strip has four 4 1/2" long white linen ties at each of the corners. The banner is printed with black text: "Our Cause is Just / Our Union Perfect." The quote is from John Dickinson's "Declaration by the Representatives of the United Colonies of North America, Now Met in Co

Image of 1883.006.002 - Token

1883.006.002 - Token

Mourning token commemorating assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. The round lead (?) token has an oxidized surface with a hole punched at top center. The obverse is inscribed with the central text: " In / Memory / of / Abm. Lincoln / Died, / April 15, /1865" surrounded by laurel boughs. The reverse has a multi-pointed sun design surrounding an "I" or crude barbel shape.

Image of 1883.007 - Portrait

1883.007 - Portrait

Framed, oil on wood panel portrait of the Reverend. Eliphalet Wheeler Gilbert (1793-1853), a Presbyterian minister and President of Delaware College. The subject is shown seated in three-quarters view and wears a dark suit and white shirt and cravat. He has a full head of hair and sideburns and looks out while turning the pages of a book with his right hand.

Image of 1889.007.003 - Sword

1889.007.003 - Sword

Sword with an unmarked steel blade and simple hilt made from deer hide-covered wood with two rows of four brass studs on the grip. There is old, patchy text in pen written on the deer hide on one side: "From Mrs. Grohe O[ct?] 1877." The scabbard is made from deer hide-covered wood and also has old pen text on the upper part: "From Mrs. John A. Grohe / Oct 18 [??]."

Image of 1892.004 - Painting

1892.004 - Painting

Painting of the Tile House in New Castle by Anne Read Rodney (1873-1940; Mrs. Francis deHaes Janvier). The painting shows a view of the front facade of the building from the Strand. The house has two doors with a window between them on the ground level and an open cellar below the window. The upper storeys have blind arch-topped double windows and iron numerals 1687. The roof line has a stepped gable topped by a weathervane and the facade is a sandy tan color. There is an alley that runs down the left side of the house. The Tile House was demolished in 1884. There is a label on the back of the canvas board: "Russell's canvasboard, Patented March 18, 1879; 10 x 12". Also "Mrs. John H. Rodn

Image of 1894.002.002 - Sword, Presentation

1894.002.002 - Sword, Presentation

Very ornate model 1850 staff and field officer's presentation sword and scabbard originally presented to Colonel Arthur Harper Grimshaw (1824-1891) of the 4th Delaware Regiment. The sword has a 33" long steel blade with brass high-lights that is engraved with elaborate designs on both sides. On one side is a central image of a battle scene in which two officers on horseback command ground troops. This scene is flanked by scrolling foliage motifs, martial symbols, and banner text: "E Pluribus Unum" and "Libertae" [sic]. The reverse side has a central eagle motif with banner text: "E Pluribus Unum" and script text "U.S." surrounded by scrolling foliage motifs and martial symbols. The blade is s

Image of 1898.002 - Portrait

1898.002 - Portrait

Framed, colored photogravure portrait of Judge Leonard E. Wales (1823-1897), an associate judge for the state of Delaware from 1864-1884. The bust view of the subject shows an older man with a white beard looking slightly upwards. The subject wears a buttoned black overcoat and black bow tie over a white shirt.

Image of 1894.002.005 - Medal, Commemorative

1894.002.005 - Medal, Commemorative

Engraved silver commemorative medal awarded to Arthur Harper Grimshaw (1824-1891) of the Fourth Delaware Regiment. The medal consists of a 1 1/4" long x 1/4" wide rectangular pin bar that is engraved on the front with "Col. A.H. Grimshaw / 4th Del Vol Inf." An silver Maltese cross motif hangs from the bar and is engraved on the front with "Commanding / 3rd Brigade / 2nd Division 5th Corps / A of P." The back of the medal is blank.

Image of 1911.001 - Painting

1911.001 - Painting

Framed, oil on canvas painting of New Castle County Almshouse by Jefferson David Chalfant (1856-1931). The painting depicts a view southeast across what is now the south side of Broome Street between Second and Third Streets to the rear of the walled Almshouse property. View of a simple Classical Revival building (the third almshouse on the site, opened 1852) with flat cupolas. To the left is an earlier dormered building that is probably left over from the 1806 complex, which burned in 1850. In the foreground is a field with cows. The Christina River can be seen in the background. The Almshouse sheltered the poor and mentally ill. The buildings pictured here were torn down the same year Chalf

Image of 1895.007 - Portrait

1895.007 - Portrait

Framed, black and white photogravure portrait of Dr. Henry F. Askew, a past president of the Delaware Historical Society: The bust portrait is presented in a round format and shows an older man with white hair and a beard who wears a dark coat, waistcoat, and bow tie. His shirt has three pearl shirt studs.