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Name Needlework Pictures

Associated Records

Image of 1897.010.001 - Sampler

1897.010.001 - Sampler

Framed needlework picture with the maker's inscription: "Elizabeth M. Richards Her work in her / 7th year." The piece has a 1 1/2" wide undulating stylized floral border that surrounds a central picture of a house with two trees, in front of which is a filed with five sheep and five figures (two male and three female) of different sizes.

Image of 1943.040 - Picture, Needlework

1943.040 - Picture, Needlework

Needlework mourning picture that is both painted and worked in silk chenille yarn on a silk ground. The scene depicts two ladies beside a centrally placed funerary monument that is crowned with an urn. There is no name visible on the monument's oval cartouche. A lady wearing a black mantilla on the right places a pink rose on the monument while a lady in a white cap on the left contemplates the monument with a downcast face. The monument appears in a landscape and has a tree directly behind it.

Image of 1954.009.005 - Picture, Needlework

1954.009.005 - Picture, Needlework

Framed silk embroidery in a heavy, dark-stained oak frame with protruding square blocks at each corner and turned half-spindles that run the length of each edge. The silk embroidery itself is in an oval format and shows a country landscape scene with a cottage and stream into which wades a woman in a blue dress who is gathering nuts or berries in her apron. The needlework scene also has painted accents. A barefoot child in an orange dress with a yellow ribbon at the waist stands on the shore holding out a basket. There is an old hand-written label on the back of the frame: " Needlework picture made by Ann Crosby Wollaston of Wilmington, Delaware about 1850 (?). Frame of picture made by her hu

Image of 1954.002.001 - Picture, Needlework

1954.002.001 - Picture, Needlework

Framed, wool needlework picture in a mahogany veneer frame. The needlework features a central image of a white house with a red roof and central doorway that is flanked on each side by two windows. There are two other buildings visible to the left of the white house. All the buildings are flanked on both sides by trees and the entire scene is presented against a white background. There are two 3 1/2" diameter floral medallions above the central scene with the houses. The foreground contains three evenly spaced motifs on the linen ground: a central dog curled up on a red dog bed or cushion flanked on each side by two identical pink rose and lyre medallions. The 2" wide floral border around

Image of 1975.017.131 - Needlework Picture

1975.017.131 - Needlework Picture

Framed, colorful wool needlework picture depicting a view of the Read House from the Strand. The piece has a green border around the embroidered image with text embroidered in black underneath the image: "The Read House / 1801 / New Castle Delaware".

Image of 1975.017.132 - Needlework Picture

1975.017.132 - Needlework Picture

Framed, colorful wool needlework picture depicting a view of the Read House from the Strand. The house is depicted against a black background and there is embroidered red text at the lower left corner: "Read House / 1797-1939".

Image of 1999.010 - Picture, Needlework

1999.010 - Picture, Needlework

Large, framed needlework picture made for display at the 1876 Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia by Sarah E. Anthony of Smyrna, DE. This design received a "Medal for Originality in Design" and a "Diploma for Excellence in Workmanship." The piece is divided into two sections. The upper section has a black velvet background with a central 16 1/2" x 7 3/4" embroidered panel depicting a three-masted ship at sea. There is white text embroidered above this image: "Welcome / To Our Shores, / All Nations." Flanking this text are the flags of Brazil (left) and Italy (right). Beneath these flags are crossed flags with text "Africa. America" (left) and "Europe. Asia" (right). There are also single le

Image of 2004.006.005 - Needlework Picture

2004.006.005 - Needlework Picture

Framed wool needlework picture of a butterfly embroidered on a course, dark green wool background. The butterfly is made up mostly of embroidered blue and purple circular forms with some yellow and black accents. The wood frame has a lime green accent stripe and a gold inner border. There is a framer's label on the back for Hobbi-Art, Inc., 4713 Kirkwood Highway, Wilmington, DE 19808.