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Name Earthenware

Associated Records

Image of 1968.020.005 - Pot

1968.020.005 - Pot

Red clay storage jar with a wide mouth and rounded lip. The body tapers inwards slightly to a flat base that is narrower than the lip and body. It has an unglazed exterior and clear glazed interior.

Image of 1960.012.049 - Jug

1960.012.049 - Jug

Earthenware storage jug with an ovoid body and dark brown glaze that is uneven at the foot. It has a small neck and strap handle that is slightly squashed inward toward the body.

Image of 1970.007.058 - Dish

1970.007.058 - Dish

Redware dish with a coggled rim and unglazed exterior. It has an old adhesive label on the reverse from the Philadelphia Antique Co.

Image of 1958.004.008 - Pitcher

1958.004.008 - Pitcher

Mochaware pitcher with a bulbous form and design featuring black, blue, and brown horizontal stripes of various heights with blue and black swirling rope motifs on a brown ground at the center.

Image of 1967.005 - Colander

1967.005 - Colander

Redware colander with a simple bowl shape and holes punched into the base for water drainage. It has sponged manganese decoration around the interior and exterior.

Image of 1966.021.009 - Jug

1966.021.009 - Jug

Earthenware jug with a squat ovoid form, small neck and lip, dark brown (Albany) slip, and chunky strap handle.

Image of 1970.007.050 - Pitcher

1970.007.050 - Pitcher

Small slip-cast pitcher with a brown glaze and no exterior decoration except for a small acorn cap device at the top of the handle.

Image of 1982.009.019 - Dish, Baking

1982.009.019 - Dish, Baking

Small, round earthenware baking dish with fluted sides and lid and yellow glaze with brown sponge decoration on both the sides and lid.

Image of 1975.017.177 - Jug

1975.017.177 - Jug

Medium sized earthenware jug with a dark brown metallic glaze, round body, low round foot, and applied loop handle at the shoulder.

Image of 1975.017.178 - Jug

1975.017.178 - Jug

Large, round jug with a dark brown metallic glaze, small neck and applied strap handle at the shoulder.

Image of 1982.009.021 - Mold, Pudding

1982.009.021 - Mold, Pudding

Earthenware pudding mold with a round body that flares out toward the top and dark brown glaze with orange spotting on the interior. The body has vertically ribbed sides and applied handles on the exterior. The interior of the mold has a raised design on the base: border of small circles around a central four-leaf clover design.

Image of 1982.009.023 - Jar, Food-storage

1982.009.023 - Jar, Food-storage

Earthenware storage jar with a reddish-brown glaze and rounded form that is slightly wider at the center than at the neck and foot. It has a very short, slightly flaring neck and is decorated with two incised horizontal bands that run around the width of the body, one of which (the upper) has an incised wavy line in between the bands. The red glaze on the upper half is shinier than on the lower half.

Image of 1982.009.030 - Jug

1982.009.030 - Jug

Earthenware jug with Albany slip glaze, round, bulbous body, very short neck and small, applied loop handle at the shoulder. It has a newer cork.

Image of 1982.009.034 - Mug

1982.009.034 - Mug

Large earthenware mug with a dark brown glaze and small applied handle on one side.

Image of 1982.009.038 - Jug

1982.009.038 - Jug

Small jug with a squat, bulbous body, sloping shoulders, and an applied strap handle at the shoulder. It has dark brown glaze that does not completely cover to the round foot.

Image of 2010.005 - Jar, Preserving

2010.005 - Jar, Preserving

Earthenware preserves jar with an elongated body and narrow (3" diameter), slightly flared neck and lip, and tan glaze. Stamped "Wm. Hare / Wilmington D [el]" on one side near the base.

Image of N1989.008 - Mug

N1989.008 - Mug

Red earthenware mug with a cylindrical shape and small handle. It has dark brown manganese glaze that does not cover to the foot.