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Name 1876 Centennial Exposition

Associated Records

Image of 1876.001.001 - Rapier

1876.001.001 - Rapier

Colichemarde sword that originally belonged to Captain William Robeson (1743-1815) of Newport, DE. The sword has a steel blade that is thicker at the hilt end and then tapers sharply toward the tip. The upper 7" of the blade are engraved on both sides with arabesque designs. The hilt is silver with a small guard that consists of two 2 3/8" wide silver ovals, both of which are engraved. One is engraved with "Liberty & Property" and the other with "WR Sep. 1 1775." The silver knuckle guard is delicate with a twisted center and is stamped with "JS" in a small rectangle at the base of the decorative twist on one side. The sword has a small, delicate quillion with a shell motif. The wooden gr

Image of 1975.017.332 - Goblet

1975.017.332 - Goblet

Clear glass goblet with a large, round foot and honeycomb panel pattern on the lower half of the bowl. There is text stamped on the base of the foot: "Centennial / Trade / Mark / Patd. 1873."

Image of 1976.003 - Knife

1976.003 - Knife

Small souvenir penknife from the 1876 Centennial Celebration in Philadelphia: The body of the knife is tin and has different designs on each side. On one side: banner with "Souvenir of Philadelphia." On reverse: an image of the Liberty Bell with text " 1776", "The Liberty Bell" and "Independence Hall". The knife contains a folding blade and small file and there is a ring for attaching to a chain at the end opposite the blade.

Image of 1993.054.004 - Inkwell

1993.054.004 - Inkwell

Clear glass souvenir inkwell that is shaped like the Memorial Hall building erected in Fairmount Park for the 1876 Centennial Exposition. The inkwell has a low rectangular shape with four corner towers and a central dome that can be lifted off completely and forms the lid of the inkwell.

Image of 1999.010 - Picture, Needlework

1999.010 - Picture, Needlework

Large, framed needlework picture made for display at the 1876 Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia by Sarah E. Anthony of Smyrna, DE. This design received a "Medal for Originality in Design" and a "Diploma for Excellence in Workmanship." The piece is divided into two sections. The upper section has a black velvet background with a central 16 1/2" x 7 3/4" embroidered panel depicting a three-masted ship at sea. There is white text embroidered above this image: "Welcome / To Our Shores, / All Nations." Flanking this text are the flags of Brazil (left) and Italy (right). Beneath these flags are crossed flags with text "Africa. America" (left) and "Europe. Asia" (right). There are also single le

Image of N1989.001.020 - Souvenir

N1989.001.020 - Souvenir

Tin souvenir model of the Liberty Bell that is encased in a tin box with glass on all four sides and a low fence around it at the base. The bell is painted with white text: "Proclaim / Liberty / to the / Earth." The structure is topped with four tin finials, an eagle with spread wings, and a hand-painted tin American flag. A wide assortment of different Liberty Bell-themed souvenirs were produced in celebration of the country's 100th birthday.

Image of N1993.001.1313 - Silhouette

N1993.001.1313 - Silhouette

Framed silhouette portrait of George Washington surrounded by an oval laurel leaf border printed in blue ink and topped by an image of an eagle with spread wings. "G Washington" is printed in script in the same blue ink underneath the image.